Only on CBS2 Bronx NYCHA occupant says she’s” living in hell” as leaks ruin apartment, things

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NEW YORK– A NYCHA apartment in the Bronx is oohing so poorly, it looks more like a rainforest filled with muddy water than a home fit for humans.

The family living there called CBS2’s Lisa Rozner, saying NYCHA’s given them the run- around two times.

Each over the three- bedroom apartment atSt. Mary’s Park Houses in the South Bronx, rain drips with today- rude ceilings. Pails of brown and black water line the hallways and apartments of the apartment Narelin Sabio shares with her four kiddies.

whereas he wakes up each morning, Sabio says her living room is soaked.

” I do this like perhaps six times a day,” she said.” Every day, it’s a different leak from every different place.”

Bronx NYCHA she’s “living in hell” as leaks ruin apartment

The leaks have ruined her 6- time-old son’s bedroom, and the smell was so bad, Sabio held her nose when she showed Rozner.

” Mices have come out through there,” she said.” This isn’t safe for her to sleep.”
Sabio says she has been putting iamong job orders with NYCHA since the leaks started among spring 2020. All the orders from the summer for oohing have been closed.

She says someone came before this week but did not do anything.

” They take filmland, they make pledges,’ Oh, we are going to replace it nearly,’ and they do not do anything,” Sabio said.

” Can they please help us because my mama has been making tickets after tickets after tickets and they been declining them or cancelling them and it’s frustrating,” 11- time-old Jose Ocampo said.

In February, Sabio says workers ripped out the moldy closets, counters and Gomorrah and left her with a new Gomorrah.

” The protected way to cook, I am not compatible to do that,” she mentioned.” great of the time I purchase my food Since it’s veritably uneasy.”

Sabio says nearly every day, a piece of cabinetwork gets damaged. She has two chairpersons that need to go in the scrap, and they have formerly had to throw down corridor of their sectional settee.

Sabio estimates the damage has bring her at least$,000, including her 11- time-old’s Playstation.

” Stuff that I really, really like, the leak goes on it and I can not get it back now,” Jose said.

” I am also not happy because my bike was thrown down from the leak,” 6- time-old Leahny Ocampo said.

” I am hysterical of that that any moment when we sleeping, commodity’s going to, the whole ceiling might come down on us,” Sabio said.” It’s a agony, living in hell. I just wan na move from then to a safe place because I suppose I earn to live like a mortal.”

NYCHA told CBS2 the leaks are whatness caused with a Interval in a pipe. Plumbers are coming Thursday, and the agency expects repairs to be finished by the end of September.

Sabio says before in September, NYCHA did show her a different apartment to move to, but she says it was in an unsafe area and also was uninhabitable. She says she also brought NYCHA to casing court.

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