Brazil will show 10 different dances for the first 10 goals

Brazil will show 10 different dances for the first 10 goals
Brazil will show 10 different dances for the first 10 goals

Each team has its own style of goal celebration. Brazil fans will fill the gallery with a samba dance. Neymar will celebrate the goal on the field in a different way. The five-time champions have already decided on some dance styles to celebrate goals at the Qatar World Cup. The Selecao have also practiced regularly to showcase the new style properly. Coach Titer’s disciples will keep their dancing currency unchanged until their first 10 goals in the tournament. A single dance coin in a match will make the fans happy, not that. Neymar wants to celebrate with a different style of dance after each goal.

Brazil will play their first match against Serbia in Group G of the tournament on Thursday. Brazil are considered the hot favorites of the tournament in the Hexa mission. Before the World Cup fight, excitement is running through the heads of the Selecao footballers. Brazil’s other two opponents in Group ‘G’ are Switzerland and Cameroon.

In a press conference on Monday, Brazil forward Rafinha said, ‘I am telling you, I have prepared to celebrate with my own style of dancing up to 10 goals. For each match we have fixed 10 dancing currencies. One coin for the first goal, another coin for the second, and so Brazil will celebrate the third, fourth with different coins. But if we score more than 10 goals in a match, then we have to think about inventing a new dance currency.

To end the two-decade title drought in the World Cup, coach Tite has arranged the team of the Qatar tournament with the highest importance on attack. Among the teams participating in the tournament, Brazil’s squad has the maximum number of 9 footballers in the attack. In addition to Neymar, Rafinha, Real Madrid forward Vinicius Junior is among them. Who dances in his own style after scoring a goal for the club

He was in the face of controversy for celebrating. Despite the criticism, Vinicius continued his styled goal celebration at Real with Brazil’s Rodrigo. They told about celebrating goals like this in the World Cup for the national team as well. Vinicius and Rodrigo were publicly supported by their Brazilian team-mates Neymar and Rafinha at the time of criticism in Spain.

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