BNP-Chhatra Dal campaign rally in pursuit of Beanibazar Chhatra League

Chhatra League chase in Beanibazar. Campaign march of BNP Chhatra Dal

When the BNP and Chhatra Dal took out a campaign rally in Beanibazar city ahead of the Sylhet mass rally of BNP on November 19, the Upazila Chhatra League leaders and activists chased them. The incident took place in the city’s Dakshin bazar around 2 pm on Tuesday. At this time panic spread throughout the city. A worker named Muslim Mia was injured by a thrown brick.

The leaders and activists of upazila and municipal BNP and other affiliated organizations took a position in the suburban Supatola area after being chased by the Upazila Chhatra League. Later, the central and district BNP leaders of the party joined there along with the local activists.

It is known that BNP’s mass rally will be held in Sylhet on November 19 like the rest of the country. In view of this mass gathering, on Tuesday afternoon, as part of the pre-determined program of BNP, the leaders of upazila, municipal BNP and affiliated organizations started distributing leaflets in Beanibazar municipality and surrounding areas. At that time, when the Chhatra Dal started the procession, the disaffected groups of the Upazila Chhatra League got together and chased them. After being chased by the Chhatra League, BNP leaders and activists along with the Chhatra Dal left the city’s Dakshin bazar and settled in the suburban Supatola area. Upazila BNP president Rezaul Alam and general secretary Charwar Hossain along with local leaders of BNP were present during the leaflet distribution.

Around 2:30 in the afternoon, BNP held a short meeting with the district leaders in Lamabazar area of ​​the city. District BNP president Qayyum Chowdhury, district BNP former president and central member Abul Kaher Chowdhury Shamim, general secretary Emran Hossain Chowdhury, BNP leader Faychal Ahmad Chowdhury spoke in this road meeting. When the BNP leaders addressed the police and Awami League leaders in a brief meeting, the Chhatra League went to the meeting place of the BNP and chased them for the second time. At that time, they threw bricks at BNP leaders and workers. Meanwhile, a heated situation prevailed in the city. Panic spread among traders and pedestrians. Bianibazar Thana police took a stand in the middle to control the situation, no major clashes or casualties occurred. As of writing this report, Chhatra League leaders and activists are marching in the city.

Upazila BNP President Ed. Rezaul Alam said, while we were doing our pre-planned program peacefully, the armed terrorists of BCL prevented us. We condemn the unprovoked and unprovoked attack by the Chhatra League on this peaceful programme.

Upazila Chhatra League leader Azad Jisan said that the Chhatra Dal leaders and activists tried to disturb the calm situation of the city with a provocative march. Seeing the position of Chhatra League, BNP and Chhatra Dal leaders fled the city. Chhatra League leader Kalim Uddin said, if the Chhatra League goes to the streets, the traitors will not be able to stay for a minute. The leaders and activists of BNP and Chhatra Dal ran away after being chased by the united Chhatra League in Beanibazar.

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